Who the f**k is

As a clothing and textile designer I work at Stl-Style which is a local design company that specializes in St.Louis themed attire and accessories. The aim of the company is to promote civic pride and getting people to love a city that faltered from its once prestigious past. Working there allows me to make politically charged wearable art and promote my city while I'm at it.



A Producer

Three years ago I started a thing called Qu'art.  Its a portmanteau for "queer art" and its an organization that promotes diversity of the queer art community.  We host quarterly events are super stimulating and shine visibility to many facets from a plethora of different artists. Each show we host showcases a new variety of different artists everything from drag queens to sculptors, live bands to fashion designers. Over the last couple years we have shown roughly 100 artists. The spaces are intended to be hyper inclusive and are aimed to inspire future art by giving a platform to artists to inspire.


The Demon Queen Of Polka and Baklava


Through performance art I attempt to push boundaries with conceptual looks that deviate from typical standards. Doing such I allow myself to explore concepts of gender, race, and what it means to be human. My acts are hyper-sexual and %100 authentic to whom I am as an artist, which is original, and energetic; polished, but experimental.  These performances vary in complexity and inspiration; they are a melange of drag, belly dance, burlesque and theatre.